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Consulting Division

  • Horizontal Area
  • - Manufacturing, Production, Wholesale/Retail, Distribution/Logistics, Warehouse Management, Cultural/Entertainments
  • Vertical Area (Management)
  • - Management Analysis & Innovation(MAI), Information Strategy Planning(ISP), Knowledge Management System(KMS), Executive Information System(EIS), Enterprise Portal(EP)
  • Vertical Area (Operation)
  • - Human Resource diagnosis, Organization analysis, Work group operation, Asset management, Information Technology
  • Target Clients
  • - Enterprise Consulting, small & midsize business, sole company and individual business

    Marketing/Sales Division

  • Marketing
  • - Expertise Market Survey and Analysis
    - Revise Marketing & Promotion Strategies and tools
  • Sales
  • - "Thanks CRM" and Other All Solutions powered by Thanks Matrix*
    - Method: By all possible means such as direct emailing, SNS, media promotion and so on

    * Thanks Matrix is the trade mark of Thanks Holdings